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We are planning to set up six different information boards relating to beaver ecology spread across Slovenia. This time, the chosen place is along Radulja brook in Dolenjska region. Radulja has a historical context for Slovenian beavers, as it is in this area that they were recorded for the first time in winter 1998/1999, after their extinction in the 18th century.

In November this year, we handed over one of the information boards to the Municipality Škocjan, which is planning to set up an educational nature trail. The trail will connect the local primary school with a sports park. The visitors will be able to learn about beaver in its own natural habitat. The education board will help to recognise the beaver hut in the area as well as the beginning of a beaver dam construction. A construction of a bridge across Radulja was already finalised, from which a fantastic observation spot of the watercourse below is possible.

Radulja brook belongs to the group of better preserved watercourses in Slovenia and is classified as Natura 2000 area. It was the only known beaver habitat in Slovenia until 2002. Beavers later spread along watercourses in southern and eastern Slovenia. Today we can find beavers along the whole of the Krka river with its tributaries, as well as along Drava, Mura, Sava river and up to the Croatian border, as well as Sotla, Kolpa and Dobličica river.

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