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With submission of your data, you enable the applicant of LIFE Beaver project (LIFE BEAVER – LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change), Lutra, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage, Pot ilegalcev 17, 1210 Ljubljana – Šentvid (further mentioned as Institute Lutra), collection of personal information. All personal data will be processed as per General Data Protection Regulation and Personal Data Protection Act.

LIFE Beaver project coordinator Tatjana Gregorc can be contacted for further information through e-mail address

Purpose of personal data collection

By entering and submitting your personal details, you give consent to LIFE Beaver project applicant, Institute Lutra, to collect your personal data. The personal data collected are your name and surname, your address and your e-mail address.

Personal details of individuals are collected through the following means:

  • Data is being collected through submitting Beavertrack observation. Name, surname and e-mail are being collected for advertising as well as newsletter, informational/educational literature distribution and for advertising events.
  • Home address information is being collected for distribution of informational/educational literature and awards.
Processing and usage of personal data

We collect the data you submitted in accordance with the purpose with which you entrusted us with your personal details. We will not use your data for any other means.

Legal basis

After you submit to us your consent, we collect your personal data. You can change or withdraw your consent at any time. The withdrawal of the consent does not have an effect on the data being processed before the cancellation date. The consent can be given by one of the parents, or a guardian/lawful representative of the child/minor, who is in accordance with the current legislation not able to give consent on his or her own. Such a consent will be valid until one of the parents or a guardian/lawful representative withdraws the consent. The child/minor can withdraw the consent on his or her own accord, when the current legislation determines that this can be the case.

Data storing

We keep your personal data stored until the withdrawal of your consent.

Sharing of personal data with third parties

We will not share your personal data with any third parties and the data will not be publicly displayed. However, this does not exclude project partners, who also follow General Data Protection Regulation. Personal data will not be passed on-to to any foreign country or organisation.

Your rights

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access the data which you submitted to us as well as the right for data amendment, the right to restrict the data processing, the right to delete the data and the right to transfer the data. In case of a disagreement with Lutra Institute, you also have the right to submit an objection concerning your personal data being processed (if the objection is based on the lawful interests, which Lutra is striving towards).

Every individual, whose data is stored by Institute Lutra, has the right to submit a complaint directly to the Information Commissioner, if it is deemed that the personal data process is in violation of Slovene or EU regulation dealing with personal data safe keeping. If it happens that the individual utilises the right to receive his or her own personal data stored by Institute Lutra and afterwards claims that the stored data received is not the data he or she asked for, or if not all of the data was handed out, the individual can, before the submission of a complaint to the information commissioner, submit an explanatory complaint to Institute Lutra in 15 working days. Institute Lutra needs to address the complaint as a new request within five working days.

You can invoke any right stated within the General Data Protection Regulation, at any given time, by submitting a written request. You need to state your name, your surname and your address. You can send your request to our e-mail  or to our postal address:

Lutra, Inštitut za ohranjanje naravne dediščine (LIFE Beaver)
Pot ilegalcev 17
1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid

When there are grounds to doubt an individual’s identity, who’s request was submitted to invoke his or her rights, Institute Lutra can request additional information which is needed as proof of identity. If it turns out that the personal data submission request of the individual is unfounded or too unreasonable, and especially if they are repeating requests, Institute Lutra can charge a sensible fee. The fee amount will be calculated taken into consideration administration costs of the service or complicated measure procedure needed to be undertaken or will refuse to act in the first place when such a request is received.

Private policy validity

This policy is published on the following web page:  and entered into force on 10th March 2021. 

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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