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Installation of a beaver deceiver in the municipality of Lendava
Last week, on October 13th, 2023, we installed a flow pipe, i.e. "beaver deceiver" into the beaver dam on the Mura river side channel (Stara Mura), in order to reduce the flooding of…
Experts and representatives of various organizations present proposals for improving water management in Slovenia
On Wednesday, September 13th, 2023, there was a press conference in Škofja Loka. Experts from different spatial planning fields presented their views on future water management. On the same day, the media were…
You are invited to the Frog House Day in the Radensko Polje Nature Preserve
On Sunday, September 17th, 2023, the Radensko Polje Nature Preserve will host the Frog House Day, during which a beaver and an otter will also be presented. Adults and children can also enjoy…


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LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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