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Beaver presentation at the nature education day in Radlje ob Dravi
On Wednesday, May 25th, 2022, we presented beaver at the nature education day for the 9th grade pupils of Radlje ob Dravi primary school. We carried out 3 out-of-school workshops near the Drava…
A lecture on beaver in the municipality of Osilnica
On Wednesday May 11th, we carried out a lecture on beaver and its ecosystem services also in the municipality of Osilnica. Locals as well as students of Novo mesto high school for agricultural…
Beaver workshops at Fara kindergarten and primary school (municipality of Kostel)
On Wednesday, May 11th, we carried out beaver themed workshops in Fara, municipality of Kostel (southern Slovenia). Our first workshop took place in the kindergarten (kids aged 1-6 years). Beaver was presented with…


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Sveučilište u Zagrebu – Šumarski fakultet (HR)

Gozdarski inštitut Slovenije (SI)

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LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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