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LIFE BEAVER promo materials

Croatian partners have got various promo materials: 200 T-shirts, 200 writing pads and pens, 50 caps and 50 cotton bags, everything in a beautiful green color.

LIFE BEAVER paper bags

In 2022, we got paper bags with project logo.


Here, we present to you our new LIFE BEAVER T-shirts! Do you like them?

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Visual identity of LIFE BEAVER project

The creator of visual identity of the project is Zvone Kosovelj.

Life notice boards

The collection of logos of finalised and ongoing projects undertaken by Institute LUTRA hanging on the wall within the AQUALUTRA Otter centre was enriched by another addition of LIFE BEAVER project logo. LIFE notice boards are also installed at the premises of partner organisations: Fakultet šumarstva i drvene tehnologije, Muzeja Ivanić-Grad and Gozdarski inštitu Slovenije.

Project vehicle in beaver outfit

Illustrator Jurij Mikuletič and designer Zvone Kosovelj joined forces which resulted in the creation of flood land forest which, under the printing machinery of print shop TKBM d.o.o., overgrew the vehicle.

The logo is the work of Zvone Kosovelj. To ease the communication with the target groups, the logo is also prepared in Croatian and Slovenian language.

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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