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We carried out a lecture on beaver as an ecosystem engineer for nature conservation students at Grm Novo mesto – Center of Biotechnics and Tourism. Theory knowledge gained during the classroom presentation was also tested out in the field along Lešnica brook, which supports one of the oldest known beaver dams in Slovenia. We noticed that additional beaver dam was built next to the original one, further downstream. The beaver hut near the dam was also strengthened with newly gnawed branches, which indicates that beaver activity along the brook increased. This was a relief to know, as two dead beavers were found along the brook approximately two years ago when the brook dried up and their existence in the area was consequently questioned. The cause of the deaths was unknown at the time. The students and their professor were thrilled to learn about the beaver during the three hours session and to gain practical knowledge which is aligned with their study course.

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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