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Due to the increase in water level behind the beaver dam on the Logojca brook, the surrounding agricultural fields in the Predanovci village were being flooded. Action was therefore needed to decrease the water level and two pipes were inserted into the beaver dam to enable the water to flow out faster. Associates of the Lutra Institute carried out the procedure on the 3rd of February 2024 with the licence being issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning.

Two suage pipes were used with 315 mm in diameter and 7,5 m in length. One side of the pipes was protected from being clogged with a metal wire mesh cage. A small hole was hand-made into the beaver dam to decrease the water level a bit before the pipes were inserted. The mesh cage was attached to the bottom of the stream bed, so as to prevent it from re-surfacing. The whole construction was at the end covered with mud and branches, so as to camouflage it with the surrounding area. The water depth behind the dam was about 1,8 m before the procedure and 30-40 cm lower after the work was carried out. The water depth was still sufficient for the beaver to be able to use the area, and the flooding was prevented.

The beaver deceiver in Predanovci is the sixth since the beginning of the LIFE BEAVER project.

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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