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As part of the ongoing monitoring of the installed beaver deceiver at Žerjavinski brook, we had a look at the functionality of the flooding solution during the winter.

In spring and summer time, we did not record any flooding. However now, during winter, the brook flooded part of the surrounding meadow as well as the passage over the brook. The passage is made as a culvert and is meant to be used by heavy farm machinery to get to the other side of the water course where the agricultural fields lay. The passage is on a lower terrain as is the beaver dam and the water consequently overflows. The whole of the passage needs to be raised and stabilised with extra gravel.

We noticed that all three of the beaver dams, following each other along the brook before Krka confluence, are in good condition. There was also some freshly chewed wood piled on top of the beaver dams, so the beaver hut is clearly in use. We continue to monitor the events along the brook with the help of our hunting cameras.

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