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On Wednesday May 11th, we carried out a lecture on beaver and its ecosystem services also in the municipality of Osilnica. Locals as well as students of Novo mesto high school for agricultural sciences (they had classes in Osilnica at that time) were invited.

The lecture was carried out using various photo and video materials as well as the beaver toolbox. The attendees could see, smell and touch various characteristics and signs of beaver.

We spoke of beaver ecosystem services to nature, environment, and people, why it is important to restore/preserve watercourses and why we must protect the coastal lands.

After the lecture, we discussed personal experiences of living with beavers in the local area. The meeting was closed with answering the attendees’ questions.

After the meeting, the mayoress of the municipality took us on a walk to Kolpa and Čabranka to see numerous signs of beaver presence, that we recorded by the Beavertrack application.

As part of the LIFE BEAVER project, we are trying to determine the spread of the beaver in Slovenia and Croatia. Therefore, we are collecting data of beaver activity signs. We would be very happy if you could share your observations with us and thus contribute to the success of the project. If you come along signs of beaver activity (described here), please let us know about them through the Beavertrack app.

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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