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On August 26th, we presented the beaver and its importance for the environment at the Crannog Day in the Ljubljana Marshes (Draga pri Igu).

At the stand, representatives of the Lutra Institute presented our largest freshwater mammals, the beaver and the otter, their habitat and role in the environment. Visitors could get to know the animals through preparations and different materials, which were provided by our Beaver Toolbox. Visitors could get additional information from a biologist, who explained how the beaver mitigates climate change (droughts and floods) and creates natural water purification facilities – wetlands – with its ecosystem engineering.

In addition to the beaver and the otter, visitors of the Crannog day could also learn about the history and archeology of the Ljubljana Marshes through different workshops and a lecture by archaeologist Dr. Anton Velušček. On the main stage, there was also a play Crannogs from the Big lake based on the novel “Beavers” by Slovenian writer Janez Jalen.

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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