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On Wednesday, May 11th, we carried out beaver themed workshops in Fara, municipality of Kostel (southern Slovenia). Our first workshop took place in the kindergarten (kids aged 1-6 years). Beaver was presented with the help of a soft beaver puppet, a discussion, and an interactive beaver toolbox. Kids learned about beaver footprints, touched the softness of beaver’s fur, smelled castoreum (an exudate from the castor sacs of mature beavers that once was a very valuable and desired substance, used also in folk medicine). Kids were also able to see beaver’s skull and gnawed branches. We finished the lecture with a field trip to the nearby stream, where we could see signs of beaver presence “live”.

Primary school children were divided into two groups. For each of them, we prepared a lecture with photo and video materials as well as with the beaver toolbox. During the lecture, children could see, smell and touch various characteristics and signs of beaver.

We spoke of beaver ecosystem services and benefits for nature, environment and people, of why it is important to restore/preserve watercourses and why we must protect the coastal lands. The lectures were concluded with a discussion, during which the children had quite a few questions. After that, we walked along the nearby stream to see the signs of beaver presence in nature (beaver dam, beaver lodge, qnawed branches and trees).

Lutra Institute carries out such and similar workshops for children as well as adults – if you wish to receive more information and are interested in organising such an event in your local area or school, you can e-mail us on

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