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On Monday, May 22nd, representatives of the Lutra Institute participated in the Raznoživo festival in the center of Ljubljana. The festival was organized by the Municipality of Ljubljana (Environmental Protection Department) and was held on the occasion of the International Day of Biodiversity, with the participation of various organizations that encounter living organisms in their work. At the stand of the Lutra Institute, we presented the beaver and the otter, the two largest freshwater mammals that live in our country. Visitors could see stuffed animals, feel the fur and smell the special secretion of beaver glands – castoreum. They learned why the beaver is beneficial for nature and humans and how we can prevent beaver damage. A number of leaflets on the topic of biodiversity were also available to the visitors.

We also prepared a workshop about beavers and otters for the youngest visitors – children from the “Pod gradom” kindergarten, who attended the festival accompanied by their teachers.

This year’s International Biodiversity Day was held under the motto From agreement to action: Let’s restore biodiversity. The slogan is based on the agreement of the United Nations Conference on Biodiversity COP 15 in Montreal (2022), which reached an agreement to protect 30% of the planet Earth by 2030. The slogan calls for a focus on implementing the agreement.

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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