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Children’s bazaar took place between September 9th and 11th in Ljubljana, at the Health and Nature fair.

At our workshop (stand), beaver and otter were presented, as well as footprints of other mammals.

We compared the two mammals, a rodent, and a carnivore, and presented the differences in their anatomy, ecological needs and lifestyle. The presentation was carried out with the help of stuffed animals (all killed as a result of traffic), skulls, excrements, footprints as well as castoreum liquid which could be smelled from a sample in a vile. Castoreum was used in the past as a highly renowned compound in traditional medicine for various ailments. What was not possible to present »live«, was presented through detailed drawings and photographs.

We discussed about why beavers are beneficial for the environment as well as for humans, and how we can prevent conflicts and damages.

Children could play a memory game on biodiversity, draw and color animals and try to recognize different footprints.

LIFE with the beaver, wetlands and climate change

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