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On Friday, 25th of March 2022, we headed again to Kozjanski park, this time to Ribnik brook near Lastnič settlement, where the intention was to install two beaver-deceivers into two consecutive beaver dams. Ribnik Brook is a tributary to Sotla river, which flows not far from the settlement along Croatian border.

The beaver built three consecutive dams as well as several side channels which lead to beaver huts. The area is therefore a typical and highly educational flooded beaver habitat.

Similarly, as with Buča brook, the surrounding wider agricultural land is flooded. The fields are extended into the area belonging to the banks of the brook. As we already reported previously, these areas are protected through the Water Act and should not be tempered with. If the vegetation belts along the water courses are left intact, we protect our own property, as the chances of erosion and flooding are lessened. We also minimise beaver damage, as the beaver has more food to feed on and can use it as building material. By having enough food, the beaver will less likely feed on the crops. The dense wooded vegetation also works as a filter, which prevents nutrients from fertilisers and pesticides from entering the water course as well as the underground water used as drinking water.

The process of installing the pipes into the beaver dams at Ribnik brook took a bit longer, as two separate involvements were needed. The task was excellently carried out by Kozjansko Regional Park employees.

During the summer, when the corn crops are ripe, the beaver feeds on them. We advised the tenant farmer to protect the corn field with an electrical fence, which needs to be raised from the ground between 15 to 25 cm.

It is also possible to apply for a financial compensation for the damage caused by the beaver and the process is described in detail trough web page Safe Grazing ( Because beaver is a protected species, it is necessary to apply for assessing the damage by the Slovenian Forestry Commission (similar process as with the bear, wolf and lynx – large carnivores).

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